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Mezz Floors UK

3 Solar PV systems were installed onto Mezz UK’s units in Haverhill.

Mezz Floors UK is a hands-on mezzanine floor construction specialist company. They offer a personal touch when designing and building your flooring system: they get to know you and your company so they can create the best mezzanine floor possible for you.

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The Challenge

Mezz Floors UK had been exploring ways of becoming a more sustainable and ethical company, Mezz UK looked at alternative energy strategies as a way of lowering their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Solution

ASG conducted a thorough review of Mezz UK’s units and its requirements, We recommended a 3 x 12 kWp Solar PV installation giving them a 36 kWp combined system. The total solution included site survey, system design, District Network Operator (DNO) approvals, Health & Safety compliance, total project management of the installation and electrical services connection.

The Outcome

Mezz UK’s solar systems will generate approximately 37,000kW per annum of clean, free energy across the lifetime of the panels, which is typically 25 years. The systems will save Mezz UK over £10,000 per annum and will pay for themselves in around 3-4 years. This will help reduce Mezz UK’s reliance on grid power and protect them against future rising energy costs.

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