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Warehouse Solar PV Installation UK

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Warehouse Solar PV Installation UK

ASG Energy Services are a commercial solar pv installation company in the uk. We supply and design Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. This proven technology can generate significant amounts of electricity, helping supplement the existing energy supply and lower bills. Our design lead approach ensures you receive the optimum return on investment.

Solar PV Installation on a large industrial building roof in Coventry, surrounded by trees and a car park
Aerial view of a solar PV installation on a warehouse roof on which the message "NHS THANK U" is written in large blue

Warehouse Solar Panel Installation Guidelines

A Commercial Solar PV installation can be mounted on a suitable roof with an orientation from East to West through the Southerly side of the compass. Our expert Solar PV team has vast experience, and our design-led approach ensures each system will optimise returns related to the electrical energy generated, helping lower your energy bills over the lifetime of the system – usually around 25 years plus.

The panels can be fitted to the roof of new warehousing or logistics facilities, or else retrofitted to existing facilities.

What is the Warehouse solar PV installation process?

ASG take care of everything for you; the total solution covers site survey, system design, District Network Operator (DNO) approvals, Health & Safety compliance, total project management
of the installation, and electrical services connection.

In addition to every unit you consume from your own PV system, any surplus power can be exported and sold to the grid via the government’s ‘Smart Export Guarantee’.

For larger systems, an additional income is available through an export power purchase agreement typically at a higher rate.

Solar panel array on a rooftop under a multicoloured sky
Solar PV installation on the rooftop of Instarmac group

Quality Solar PV Components

ASG Energy Services only uses the highest quality ‘tier one’ bankable Solar PV panels, mounting systems, and inverters. All are proven for the UK market and these, together with our first-class design and Solar PV installation teams, guarantee your total satisfaction.

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What are the benefits to having solar panels On my Warehouse?

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The new specialist in sustainable energy solutions for the Warehousing and Logistics sector. Helping businesses reduce carbon emissions, cut energy bills, and save resources.

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Solar Panel FAQ's

Most frequent answers & questions

Solar panels in the UK are 100% worth it. The monetary benefits of rising energy costs are great. Solar panels are also worth it to protect the environment, reach your net-zero targets and reduce your carbon footprint.

The best direction your solar panels can face is south as they tend to generate the most electricity. South-facing roofs face the sun at its peak for the longest period of time. This doesn’t mean North, East, and West facing roofs cannot have solar panels installed on them. If your roof faces another direction you are still going to see plenty of benefits from the system.

Generally, commercial building owners do not need planning permission unless the system is over a certain size or in special cases.

The only process we need to account for is the DNO process (Distribution Network Operator). A DNO process is getting permission to connect the system to the grid which is covered on our side.

As each roof is different and each of our systems is bespoke, it is impossible to give an accurate cost guide. That said, we would typically say a system would pay for itself within 2-5 years regardless of size and dependent on current electricity prices. The best way to get an understanding of cost, is to have a chat with us and let us design a system for you.