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The Solar Panel Podcast

Welcome to The Solar Panel Podcast! Focusing on all that is ESG within the Warehouse, Logistics and Fulfilment sector.

What is The Solar Panel Podcast?

Welcome to The Solar Panel! Future podcasts schedule includes some great people in a range of fields focusing on all things ESG related to the warehouse logistics and fulfilment sectors.

The Latest Episode Of The Solar Panel Podcast

In this episode, we talk to Gary Brandwood who is the Managing Director at Perfect Sense Energy and ASG Energy Services Limited Limited.

Episode card for "The Solar Panel podcast" with blue microphone icon, reading "Episode 10 Customer Questions Discussion with Gary Brandwood from Perfect Sense Energy"

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We are always looking for individuals  to come onto the podcast and talk sustainability! If you would like to be a panel member on a future episode, please fill out the quick form and we will give you a call to schedule the episode.