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Commercial Infrared Heating Installations UK

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Commercial Infrared Heating Installation UK

ASG Energy Services are renewable energy specialists. We have every piece of the puzzle covered when it comes to renewable energy. Far infrared heating is a form of radiant heat. Similar to the sun, far infrared heats objects and people, providing a more effective and efficient way of heating a space as opposed to traditional, water-filled radiators.

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Commercial Infrared Heating Installation Guideline

When it comes to infrared heating you don’t need to think about much in terms of installation criteria. They can be wall and ceiling-mounted, and with there being many different types of infrared heaters they can be installed almost anywhere, you just need a qualified electrician to wire the heaters into the central heating.

Another thing to consider is whether far infrared heating is right for your business. Although it’s an amazing solutions for most spaces, if for example your facility high, Dense racking then far infrared heating may not be for you, but that’s ok! ASG Energy offer a range of alternative heating solutions for your facility.

What are the key benefits?

  •  Easy Installation. without the need for pipes and radiators, you can mount them to the wall or ceiling and they just need to be wired into the thermostat. Making them an accessible option for your business.
  • Energy Efficient Heating. Infrared heaters heat the surfaces in a room or space compared to their convection counterparts. They ensure that the gathered heat in the space stays, rather than dissipating through open windows, ceilings, and doors. Saving your business time. You can also only heat the rooms you need. Meaning your business isn’t wasting money on heating empty rooms.
  • Instantaneous heat source. Convection heaters take time to get up to temperature, wasting energy. Infrared heaters get up to temperature immediately. This means you’re not wasting needless energy and you get to be comfortable, quicker!
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Intergrated with multi tech energy solutions

Multi tech ensures your business is tackling its carbon footprint. There are different processes to ensure your business is running at its maximum regarding its energy efficiency.

As mentioned before, Infrared heating helps in many ways to make your facility run more energy efficiently. Saving you more money. You can also connect these heaters through our Solar PV Installations to seamlessly run your heating systems entirely off the grid.


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The new specialist in sustainable energy solutions for the Warehousing and Logistics sector. Helping businesses reduce carbon emissions, cut energy bills, and save resources.

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