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Commercial EV Charging Installation UK

ASG Energy Services are renewable energy specialists. As EV’s are becoming increasingly popular, many businesses are looking to implement this infrastructure into their processes. Helping them build sustainable relationships in and out of the business whilst cutting their carbon footprint. ASG Energy are proud to offer this service as part of their coupling generation technology.

EV Charging station Guidelines

When looking into EV charging station it is important to understand how you can prepare your facility to ensure the best experience with your EV chargers. 

You need to consider your current infrastructure. How many employees do you have? how big is your current fleet? All these elements are going to impact how your facility operates so its key to ensure proper planning has been put in place. 

 Another key factor to consider is the location of the charging points. Understanding where these charging points are going to be installed is important not only for effciency factors but if you ever wanted to build on existing charging stations it is important to allow for extra spaces when looking into the initial installation. 


What is the EV Charging station Installation process?

The three steps to installing EV chargers are Planning and assessment, acquiring hardware, and finally, installing.

Planning and assessment – As mentioned above, it is important to make sure your facility is prepared to install these charging points. other key things to consider before installation are: There is Wi-Fi access to the charging points, Good access to the socket on your EV, The length of the charging cable is enough (if using tethered cables) and how many chargers do you need?

Acquiring Hardware – Do you want tethered or untethered chargers? Tethered chargers have cables attached to the chargers. Meaning you don’t have to carry a charger in your car. The downside to this you have a fixed cable length, and you could end up with outdated infrastructure in years to come. Untethered chargers keep things looking neat and tidy. But with you having to carry your cable. Should you lose this it could set you back about £100 to replace it. 

Installing – Only a qualified electrician can install these charging points. Not only that, they need specialist knowledge on EV’s

At ASG Energy 


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integrated with Multi Tech energy solutions

Multi tech ensures your business is tackling its carbon footprint. There are different processes to ensure your business is running at its maximum regarding its energy efficiency. 

EV charging aid in multiple different ways, it unlocks the ability to have electric vehicles in your fleet. Saving you fuel costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint. 

EV charging can also link with your Solar PV installations so the power running your fleet vehicles is completely off-grid. This means your ROI for your facility’s solar installations will be further cut down. 

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What are the benefits to having EV Charging Stations for my business?

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