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Commercial LED Lighting Installation UK

The new specialist in sustainable energy solutions for the Warehousing and Logistics sector

Commercial LED Lighting Installation UK

ASG Energy Services are renewable energy specialists. We have every piece of the puzzle covered when it comes to renewable energy. LED lighting is sometimes overlooked within the commercial/industrial industry. But did you know it could not only save you money but also improve safety and productivity of your facility as a whole.

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Commercial LED Lighting Installation Guidelines

As simple as installing lighting may seem many elements need to be implemented to ensure the lighting installations not only provides the best set up for energy efficiency but are compliant with health and safety standards. 

To ensure the lighting installation is up to standards you may want to look into daylight dimming, sensors and emergency lighting. This not only allows your facility to be best set up safely but it ensures your business is getting the best ROI.

ASG Energy will guide you through this process, start to finish, and we’ll work to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste.

What are the key benefits?

  •  Better for your health and productivity. Several independent studies have shown that reduced flicker and glare reduces fatigue and eyestrain in working environments.
  • Zero maintenance required. Each LED unit has a general operational lifetime of up to 100,000 hours (circa. 11 years) removing the need for frequent lamp changes. 
  • Reduced energy consumption. Commercial LED Lighting provides large reductions in your lighting energy consumption. Anywhere between 50% and 90% less compared to non LED alternatives.
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Intergrated with multi tech energy solutions

Multi tech ensures your business is tackling its carbon footprint. There are different processes to ensure your business is running at its maximum regarding its energy efficiency. 

Commercial LED Lighting helps your business in many ways. Whilst reducing the carbon footprint throughout your business. By Integrating LED Lighting to work with your Solar PV installations you’ll not only cut down on your energy usage throughout your facility. You’ll have more energy stored throughout the facility to use on more power hungry processes.


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What are the benefits to having LED lighting for my business?

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The new specialist in sustainable energy solutions for the Warehousing and Logistics sector. Helping businesses reduce carbon emissions, cut energy bills, and save resources.

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